Mothering with Presence:

The 8-week Mindfulness course for Mums

Mothering with Presence is the Mama Sangha signature course.

An 8 week mindfulness course designed to support mothers to feel more present and connected to themselves, and to their children. 

If you want to learn what ‘being present’ really means and why it’s important for you and your children, then this is the course for you.

This course has been designed specifically with mums in mind. In response to what mums say they really need most from their mindfulness practice.

It is the perfect and necessary starting point for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of what mindfulness practice is all about and why it can support you in your everyday life as a mum.

In this course we explore the first foundation of mindfulness in depth. These practices ground us in breath and body, the essence of establishing presence. It’s important to build this steadiness of attention before we move on to more nuanced practices that provide deeper insight.

Introducing you to some simple meditation techniques that you can practice at home during your daily life as a mum. This is material that you can return to, again and again, as the most essential building block of a lifelong mindfulness practice.

“I want you to walk away from this course thinking: I know what this practice is about and I know how to do it on my own. Most importantly I want you to feel: I know why this practice is important to me and I remember how to keep returning to it.”


Sangha Mamas say…

Jodi's wise words and nourishing practices have helped me find my centre and ground myself into the present moment.

Eloise – London

Course structure:

  • Live Session 1 –
    What is Presence?
    (Wednesday 20th October)
  • Live Session 2 –
    Mindfulness of Breath
    (Wednesday 3rd November)
  • Live Session 3 –
    Mindfulness of Body
    (Wednesday 17th November)
  • Live Session 4 –
    The Heart of Presence
    (Wednesday 24th November)

What’s included?

  • Live workshop with Jodi every 2 weeks via Zoom. All live session are on a Wednesday evening 20:15 – 21:15 (GMT)
  • Guided meditation MP3’s to listen again and download
  • Access to Zoom replays/ recordings
  • Weekly prompts for reflection
  • Partner work (optional) for those who want to connect with another mum on the course

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable both for complete beginners, as well as those who have more meditation experience.

What if I can’t make the live Zoom sessions?

Everything is recorded so don’t worry if you miss any of the live sessions

How much is it?

This course is currently £89.
PWYC places available.

Other Mums Ask

If you have questions about the course you’ll probably find them here. 

If not please get in touch – we’re always happy to hear from you!!

Sangha Mamas say…

Jodi does not just follow a rigid structure like some courses might, instead she really hears us as a group and allows that to be her guide. It’s that fluidity and connection that is the essence of her teaching, which creates such a special and unique space for us to learn and grow.

Luise – London