Dear Mama,

Do you sometimes feel that mum life is just about making it through from breakfast to bedtime?

Do you find there’s little time for reflection on what’s really important to you? 

Perhaps it feels like there’s never time to pause and appreciate what’s happening around you, to absorb those precious moments.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, disconnected or conflicted.  

You want to be more present for your child. But you also need to be more present for yourself and your own emotions.    

Perhaps you know deep within you that there’s something more than this. 

Mama Sangha is here to support you to return to this inner knowing. We do this through mindfulness practice.

Sometimes just taking a few deep, slow, conscious breaths gives us the space we need. Space to settle and to realign with our hearts and our intentions.

At Mama Sangha we trust in the inherent wisdom and goodness of all mothers’ hearts. We provide you with the gentle and loving guidance that will support you to return home to your own true presence.

Welcome home,


Sangha Mamas say…

Jodi’s gentle voice whispers to you to offer goodness to yourself, to move through life just a little bit more slowly and softly – with your eyes and heart wide open.

Laura – Paris