The Sangha 

The Next Live Sangha will be on

* Sunday 2nd June *

20:00-21:30 (UK)

Sangha Mamas say…

These Sanghas have been a safe space for me to relax and connect with myself, a place that uplifts me when I am feeling down.

Deisy – Mozambique

The Sangha is a global community of mums practicing meditation together.

We meet once a month online

Jodi created this community in 2019 in response to hearing many mums around her saying they felt lost, disconnected, overwhelmed, and not good enough in their mothering.

She wanted to create a gentle space where mothers felt held and supported to practice – together.  And to find their own answers to their own deepest questions.

Everyone is welcome here: whether you’re completely new to meditation, you’ve already been practicing a while, or you’re returning to meditation after some time.  

Sangha means community, a web of connected relationships and belonging.

So often we can feel alone in our mothering journey.  When things get difficult for us we can feel “I’m the only one.” Having a community to return to  – where we feel safe, supported, and welcome –  can give us the reassurance we need to return our intentions and our hearts.

“ As mums we are there in so many ways for our little ones. But we also need spaces to be held ourselves. The Sangha is this space.  Join us to be held in a gentle community of warm-hearted and like-minded mums. I’ll guide the meditation, all you have to do is show up and get comfy.”


Other Mums Ask

If you have questions about Sangha you’ll probably find them here. 

If not please get in touch – we’re always happy to hear from you!!

Sangha Mamas say…

This Sangha is like having a little bit of home and I am eternally grateful for it.

Rohana – Plymouth