Other Mums Ask – The Sangha FAQs

I guide a 15-20 mins mindfulness meditation.

After the meditation there is open time for reflections, comments and discussion.

I usually end the meeting with a closing reflection or Poem

Some people just join for the meditation, others stay for the whole thing – it’s all very chill.

I usually spend the first 10 mins or so welcoming everyone and introducing the meditation, so we often don’t start the meditation straight away.  (I also have the Zoom settings to automatically mute everyone on arrival, so you won’t disturb anyone if you straggle in.)

 to sit on and maybe an extra blanket or layer to keep warm during the meditation.

I don’t ask anyone to introduce themselves and there’s no obligation for you to have your camera on if you don’t feel comfortable. 

Sangha is always such a supportive space and it really helps us to lean into that support when we can see and feel each other’s presence on screen!

There are loads of mums who join this Sangha while they’re snuggled up next to their babes.  You are welcome to have your camera off, although you’ll soon see plenty of other mums popping up on-screen with their milkers out! : )