Other Mums Ask – Course Information

The Power Of Presence

No worries.  All of the sessions are recorded so you can watch and re-watch them all at your leisure!

No, it’s really not a problem. Everyone is always muted on arrival during Zoom meetings – so you won’t disturb anyone if you join late.

These courses are designed for mums by a mum. We all understand the struggles with getting kids to bed on time so please don’t worry if you don’t turn up on the dot!

Again, all zoom sessions are recorded so you can always re-watch later to catch up on any bits you might have missed.

This course is designed for Mums who already have some experience of basic mindfulness of breath and body practices. If you’re not sure please email Jodi. Thank You!

There are lots of mums with small babies who join these workshops. There are also a number of mums who co-sleeping/breastfeeding during the live classes. We’re totally used to it and of course – we’re all mums here so we’re totally cool with it!

Please feel welcome to show up how you are and do what you need to do. If that means having your camera off during feeds or whatever then that’s totally fine.

We understand that some Mums have specific circumstances that make it difficult or uncomfortable to have their camera on during the live session – so if that’s you that’s totally fine. However, if you can have your camera on please do.

Our experience is that being able to see each other on screen does really help to create a supportive atmosphere and make it really feel like a community of mums practicing together.

No, it’s completely optional. Connecting and reflecting with another mum through partner work has been something that mums have said they found one of the most powerful and supportive aspects of participating in these courses and workshops. However, if for whatever reason you want to opt out of this, that’s totally fine.